You don’t accept compromises concerning hygiene and cleanliness – especially in the field of industry, gastronomy, trade or medical services?

With our variety of products we can offer your special solution. For this we use high quality materials as absorbent paper, airlaid, and non-woven in different sizes, colors and grammatures.



In our product portfolio Hygiene-Products you can find:

WashmittenWashingtowelsCleaningtowelsPolishingsheetsStacking PaperWrapping PaperBaking Paper


Our washmittens are made of a variety of materials, which are soft, absorbent and tearproofed. One-way wash mittens are produceable in a glued version. A big advantage, as the washmittens can be made of every kind of material.


Our washingtowels can be produced from different materials. They are soft, absorbent and tearproofed. A packaging into specially printed PE-bag is possible.


Our cleaningtowels are deliverable in different materials and widths. Absorbent and tearproofed cleaningtowels are produceable in different sizes and grammatures. Possible materials are absorbent paper, non-woven or airlaid.


Our polishingsheets are made of absorbent paper, non-woven and airlaid. They are soft, absorbent and tearproofed. They are produceable in different sizes and grammatures.

Stacking Paper:

We can produce the non-skid paper for stacking your products properly on a pallet. We use brown material with a weight of 120 g/sm.

Wrapping Paper:

This paper will be used for the protection of high class products, e.g. automobile headlights. It has to be avoided, that this products will be scratched.

Baking Paper:

This paper is required for bakeries. They use this as an underlayment on the baking tray. The product can be placed there and expand as requested.