With our high capacity production machines, we are in the position to convert different kind of materials.
We convert paper, airlaid, Top Tex, non-woven. There are nearly no limits to the variety.
 Please let us know your requests, the way and the place you want to use the product, we will advice, which material is the most suitable.


You will receive our specially for you made solutions for all products made of special papers.

We deliver products, which are printed or unprinted, folded, in different widths and lengths in different sizes and different grammatures – specially to your own requests.

Many different papers are also available in the FSC quality, If you wish to make a contribution to the environment, please ask us for paper with FSC quality.


AIRLAID is a special paper, which is produced without water. It consists of 95% cellulose, 5% binder and is available in various colors and structures. AIRLAID is dermatological safe, eudermic, soft and hydrophobic.

The following products are made of airlaid: products for the inflight and hygiene sector,as well as table top products.



A new important material 100 % Cellulose – LATEXFREE

The bonding of the fibres is a unique thermo mechanical process. No glues, no binders, no synthetic fibre.

A very important material – Good for the environment – 100 % compostable.

For traymats a flexoprinting up to 5 colors with non-skid coating ist possible. Napkins can be printed up to 5 colors.

This material could be your contribution to keep a better environment. Take this possibility to show yor passengers, that you are dealing with respect to the environment.



Non-woven is a strong, synthetic produced material, with a linen-similar structure. Non-wovens are made of fibre.

Nowadays non-woven products are used, where the following characteristics have to be fulfilled: high absorption, high dry and wet strength, high stability and elasticity, elongation, a soft surface, ultrasonic weldability or flame retardancy.

For the non-woven production we are using the different technologies, as printing, cutting, punching, folding, spraying, coating, impregnating and ultra-sonic welding.