You don’t accept compromises concerning hygiene and cleanliness – especially

in the field of industry, gastronomy, trade or medical services?

With our variety of products we can offer your special solution. For this we use high quality materials as absorbent paper, airlaid, and non-woven in different sizes, colors and grammatures.



Our washingtowels can be produced from different materials. They are soft, absorbent and tearproofed. A packaging into specially printed PE-bag is possible.



Our cleaningtowels are deliverable in different materials and widths. Absorbent and tearproofed cleaningtowels are produceable in different sizes and grammatures. Possible materials are absorbent paper, non-woven or airlaid.



Our polishingwipes are made of absorbent paper, non-woven and airlaid. They are soft, absorbent and tearproofed. They are produceable in different sizes and grammatures.

Paper towels :

We can produce papertowels made of our ISY TEX material in many sizes and foldings.

The material is non-allergic and flushable


fermentation bases:

This paper is used as a pad on a baking sheet by bakeries. The bun blanks can be placed there to rise.


wrapping paper:

This paper is used to protect high-value products that need to be transported, such as B. Car headlights. These products must not be scratched under any circumstances.