Customized processing of your raw materials: technology diversity and individual solutions

At F.S.P GmbH, we are proud to offer you not only a wide range of materials for your applications, but also a variety of technologies to process these materials according to your specific wishes and requirements. In this article, we will take a closer look at how we turn your orders into individual solutions with an intelligent combination of technologies and work processes.

Diverse technologies for individual solutions

When realizing your projects, we do not always resort to standard technologies. We strive to achieve the best results by combining different technologies and work processes in a meaningful way. This enables us to develop customized solutions for your requirements and respond to problems with creative solutions.

Computerized production monitoring

Our production processes are guided by a state-of-the-art computerized monitoring system to ensure that your orders are completed efficiently and accurately.

Printing: Colors, flexo and offset

We offer high quality printing services for a variety of materials including paper, AIRLAID, nonwovens and more. With our warehouse capacity and machine capabilities, we are able to handle small and large quantities for you "Just in Time". Our printing services include up to five colors and utilize techniques such as flexo and offset to meet your printing needs.

Coating: Special anti-slip coating and more

We equip various papers, be it absorbent or coated papers, with our special anti-slip coating, either high gloss or matt. If you need other coatings, we are ready to find the solution that meets your needs.

Spraying: hygienic papers and non-contact application

The spray process is used in particular for sanitary papers. Aqueous agents such as fragrances are applied to the material without contact.

Joining: Bonding and welding

Our manufacturing includes various joining processes, including hot-melt bonding, for example for fixing Velcro threads in headrest covers, or welding, as in our ultrasonically welded pillwocoverns and cargo suction mats.

Converting, cutting, punching and folding

Our raw materials are usually supplied on rolls. We offer comprehensive converting services, including cutting to all small and large sizes, die-cutting according to individual customer requirements and folding in various formats for cloths and napkins, such as 1/4 fold, 1/8 fold, 2 1/2 fold, M fold, M1/8 fold, special E fold, M1/4 fold, Z fold and more.

Your vision, our expertise

We are ready to turn your creative ideas and requirements into reality. At F.S.P, we work to turn your projects into customized solutions and challenges into opportunities. Contact us today to learn more about our technology diversity and customized solutions. We look forward to turning your vision into reality.